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We have both male & female coaches available who specilise in what they are most passionaite about. Read more about our coaches below, if you wish to request a particular coach feel free to include this in your consultation application. 

To see the results our clients get head to: 


Coach Alysha Mears

Alysha has 5+ years experience working in the fitness industry. Prior to this, she obsessed over the idea of wanting to be skinny & by consequence constantly felt uncomfortable with who she was. Then, came a mindset shift and she wanted to be strong. 


This change was invaluable to her confidence and life. 


So, helping women discover that they can be strong, eat more, train smart & get better results is her passion.


Alysha's qualifications are;


- Certificate III & IV in Fitness 

- Level 1 & 2 Performance Nutrition Coaching 

- Level 1 & 2 Program Design 

- Applied Women’s Physiology & Training

- Deconstructing the gym lifts 

- Strength systems international level 1 & 2 

- (Studying) Bachelor of Nutrition Science minoring in Exercise Physiology. 

Coach Kyle Cross

Kyle is an Australian Professional Baseball player and strength and conditioning coach, he has a ranging experience and understanding of biomechanics, injury, strength, and functional stability. Kyle specialises in athlete development, and improving athletic performance, while guiding the general population to achieve their strength and body composition goals through sustainable measures that easily fit into their lifestyle. 


Being a performance coach, knowledge is key in supporting and assisting his clients with the most relevant training and nutrition requirements.


- Master Trainer 

- Decomposing The Big Lifts Certification

- Applied Women's Physiology and Training 

- Pre-Script Olympic Weight lifting 

- PS- L1 Coaching -Functional anatomy/applied Biomechanics

-PS Skill acquisition 

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